Current Mumbai Vacancies

Mumbai Vacancies

How To Apply ?

If you like the sound of Packt and think you would enjoy being a part of our team and our future then here’s what to do next:
  • Find a relevant role advertised here.
  • Email your CV along with a cover letter to the address specified below.
  • Applicants we consider meet our requirements will be shortlisted and contacted by our Resourcing Team.
Contact details:
Landline No: 022-28328148
Mobile No: 7045927498
Plot No.103, Arena House, 3rd Floor, Road No. 12, Opp. Goldfinch Hotel,
MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400093.

Please direct all applications and enquiries for Mumbai vacancies to our recruitment team:

Acquisition Editor
As a content company, we are completely dependent on the people who create our content. Authors, video creators – whatever we call them, and whatever they make, we wouldn’t exist without them. That’s why your role as an Acquisition Editor is so important – you will be responsible for finding and recruiting the right people for the right projects, and for collaborating with them to design and carefully plan to ensure the path from idea to really useful content is rapid and painless. You’ll be networking with a huge range of software professionals from all around the world – this means you’ll need to be a confident communicator and able to quickly learn and adapt about the newest trends and topics in different areas of tech. You’ll also need to be well-organized as you’ll be responsible for a number of different exciting projects at one time. If you want to talk tech with some of the best minds in software and help Packt produce the best learning resources out there, we’d love to meet you.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Copy Editor
We don’t just produce instruction manuals. Everything we do needs to be engaging, clear, and, of course, accurate. That’s why Copy Editors are so important. You’ll be responsible for checking our content, ensuring that it’s up to the standards we expect of ourselves and that it’s exactly what customers need. You’ll need exceptional grammar skills and a keen eye for detail – we’ll be depending on you to make sure everything we produce is of the highest quality. You’ll also need excellent English language skills as you will be providing training and support to our team of editors. If you value clarity, conciseness and consistency as much as we do, let’s talk.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Content Development Editor
Great content is never an accident. It takes an exceptional content development editor to make a product engaging, useful, and interesting. As the Content Development Editor you will be the architect of our content, providing support to our authors on how to write effectively for their readers. You’ll be a confident communicator, able to direct the author clearly on a product’s purpose and vision, and ready to provide quality feedback on what authors can do to improve their work. You will also be exceptionally well-organized as you’ll be working on a number of different projects at one time. With a diverse collection of interesting projects and great people behind them, every day will be interesting. You’ll be putting your mark on some of the most-read learning resources in the software world.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Technical Editor
When so many people rely on the accuracy and clarity of our content, Technical Editors are a vital part of every single project. They’re the link between each product’s development and the customer that needs it. You’ll be responsible for improving the content’s structure, checking it’s appropriate for the intended audience, and making sure that all code is correct. You will need very strong technical knowledge and an ability to continually learn and adapt to new ideas. A willingness to tackle new problems is vital. Excellent English language skills is essential too, as you’ll be supporting the author to improve their content to the highest standard.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Layout/ Graphic Coordinator
Our content is practical and always to the point, but that doesn’t mean it lacks style. It’s thanks to Layout and Graphics Coordinators that all our content is visually engaging and stylish. You’ll need to be creative and well-organized as you’ll be working on a diverse range of projects. It’s crucial that you are relentlessly focused on delivering a high-quality end product. An eye for detail is absolutely vital, and you’ll need a strong sense on how the visual aspect of our products and content will impact the way customers interact and engage with it. Graphic coordinators will need to be experienced and confident working with Corel Draw and Illustrator. Layout Coordinators must have experience with InDesign and PhotoShop, as you’ll be responsible for doing all production-related tasks that ensures each book goes to print and is uploaded into our learning platform.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Content Distribution Executive
Packt has a huge reach into a growing marketplace of software professionals. And it’s only going to get bigger. That’s why we need Content Distribution Executives to distribute our products and support our marketing team to provide maximum visibility for our content and the Packt brand. You’ll be responsible for creating digital versions of all our books, as well as managing our CMS with new blog and marketing content. You will also be using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to help drive sales on Amazon, and perform essential keyword research to help drive Packt’s performance on third party channels. You’ll need some experience working with HTML and knowledge of XML too – but most importantly we need someone motivated and committed to growing Packt’s reach in an expanding market.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Course Managing Editor

Courses are a new type of Packt content. We’re confident that they’re going to redefine the customer experience, and be crucial to our future as a learning platform for software developers. If you want to be a part of one of the most innovative areas of the business, and can combine technical knowledge, product-driven expertise, with an intelligent empathy for users’ experience, we’d love to hear from you. You will be responsible for creating new courses from existing content from our library, combining text and video, and possibly augmenting all of that with new and exciting features such as assessments and quizzes. You’ll also need to commission new content – that means we’ll be relying on you to identify customer needs and gaps in our existing library.

Key qualities and competencies that we're looking out for:

  • Course Content Building and Course Technical Editing
  • Customer Insight Drive
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Ambition and Business Focus
  • Results-Driven

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.