Current Mumbai Vacancies

Mumbai Vacancies

How To Apply ?

If you like the sound of Packt and think you would enjoy being a part of our team and our future then here’s what to do next:
  • Find a relevant role advertised here.
  • Email your CV along with a cover letter to the address specified below.
  • Applicants we consider meet our requirements will be shortlisted and contacted by our Resourcing Team.
Plot No.103, Arena House, 3rd Floor, Road No. 12, Opp. Goldfinch Hotel,
MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400093.

Please direct all applications and enquiries for Mumbai vacancies to our recruitment team:

Senior Digital Marketing Editor
This is a great opportunity for those who are commercially-focussed; demonstrate high level of editing and English skills and proven streak in driving audience engagement and digital marketing techniques. Senior Digital Marketing Editor will be responsible for curating, editing and publishing stream of content for an individual tech category of the Packt Technical Network. The goal would be to create an engaged audience of repeat visitors for the tech category.

Qualification: Graduate in any stream.
Requirement: Experienced editor with good command on written English, track record of producing content for a global audience, familiarity with digital marketing techniques, content marketing and SEO, knowledge of current IT topics of interest to developers is added advantage.
Acquisition Editor
As a content company, we are completely dependent on the people who create our content. Authors, video creators – whatever we call them, and whatever they make, we wouldn’t exist without them. That’s why your role as an Acquisition Editor is so important – you will be responsible for finding and recruiting the right people for the right projects, and for collaborating with them to design and carefully plan to ensure the path from idea to really useful content is rapid and painless. You’ll be networking with a huge range of software professionals from all around the world – this means you’ll need to be a confident communicator and able to quickly learn and adapt about the newest trends and topics in different areas of tech. You’ll also need to be well-organized as you’ll be responsible for a number of different exciting projects at one time. If you want to talk tech with some of the best minds in software and help Packt produce the best learning resources out there, we’d love to meet you.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Content Development Editor
Great content is never an accident. It takes an exceptional content development editor to make a product engaging, useful, and interesting. As the Content Development Editor you will be the architect of our content, providing support to our authors on how to write effectively for their readers. You’ll be a confident communicator, able to direct the author clearly on a product’s purpose and vision, and ready to provide quality feedback on what authors can do to improve their work. You will also be exceptionally well-organized as you’ll be working on a number of different projects at one time. With a diverse collection of interesting projects and great people behind them, every day will be interesting. You’ll be putting your mark on some of the most-read learning resources in the software world.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Technical Editor
When so many people rely on the accuracy and clarity of our content, Technical Editors are a vital part of every single project. They’re the link between each product’s development and the customer that needs it. You’ll be responsible for improving the content’s structure, checking it’s appropriate for the intended audience, and making sure that all code is correct. You will need very strong technical knowledge and an ability to continually learn and adapt to new ideas. A willingness to tackle new problems is vital. Excellent English language skills is essential too, as you’ll be supporting the author to improve their content to the highest standard.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Layout/ Graphic Coordinator
Our content is practical and always to the point, but that doesn’t mean it lacks style. It’s thanks to Layout and Graphics Coordinators that all our content is visually engaging and stylish. You’ll need to be creative and well-organized as you’ll be working on a diverse range of projects. It’s crucial that you are relentlessly focused on delivering a high-quality end product. An eye for detail is absolutely vital, and you’ll need a strong sense on how the visual aspect of our products and content will impact the way customers interact and engage with it. Graphic coordinators will need to be experienced and confident working with Corel Draw and Illustrator. Layout Coordinators must have experience with InDesign and PhotoShop, as you’ll be responsible for doing all production-related tasks that ensures each book goes to print and is uploaded into our learning platform.

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Course Managing Editor

Courses are a new type of Packt content. We’re confident that they’re going to redefine the customer experience, and be crucial to our future as a learning platform for software developers. If you want to be a part of one of the most innovative areas of the business, and can combine technical knowledge, product-driven expertise, with an intelligent empathy for users’ experience, we’d love to hear from you. You will be responsible for creating new courses from existing content from our library, combining text and video, and possibly augmenting all of that with new and exciting features such as assessments and quizzes. You’ll also need to commission new content – that means we’ll be relying on you to identify customer needs and gaps in our existing library.

Key qualities and competencies that we're looking out for:

  • Course Content Building and Course Technical Editing
  • Customer Insight Drive
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Ambition and Business Focus
  • Results-Driven

Qualification: Graduate in IT stream.
Insight Editor
If you have a liking for research and writing, this may be your dream job. If you love staying up to date with IT trends and have the ability to translate technical jargon into information that’s confident, clear and catchy, look no further. Our Tech Market Insights team is looking for talent like you! As an IT Research Editor, you would be working closely with our insights team to uncover market trends and transform them into insight reports, articles, and blogs. You need a degree from IT background and solid understanding of various technologies-- you may not write the code, but still quickly grasp the functionalities. Strong English writing skills will come to your rescue at every step.

Qualification: Graduate in any stream.
Requirement: Solid understanding of various technologies, Excellent English Language skills.
Customer Relations Executive
The Customer Relations Executive (CRE) is responsible for the smooth operation of our relationships with customers. Packt sells its print books on a print on demand basis globally. Books are sold both directly to the end user from our website, and also to “trade” customers, defined as any customer who purchases our books at a discount to resell to their own customers. The customer relations team is growing rapidly to handle the growth in the size of the business and demand for our product.

Qualification: Graduate in any stream.
Requirement: Excellent English Language skills.
Video Content Developer
The Video Content Developer (VCD) role looks into producing high quality video series based on our existing book catalog. The VCD function works as an author proxy and a viewer advocate. He or she should make sure that the technical information is designed and presented in the best possible way for the intended audience, and at the same time keep the original author’s content intact. You should have working knowledge of C, C++, Linux, Ubuntu, Python and Java. You have to produce video content from the book catalog for all platforms and ensure that all the videos clearly communicate their learning goals to the reader, present content in a clear and consistent manner to improve the learning curve of the viewers and perform code testing for all the code used in the book and confirm the accuracy of the code and text presented.

Qualification: Graduate in any stream.
Requirement: Solid understanding of various technologies, excellent English Language skills.
Acquisition Development Manager
The Acquisition Development Manager (ADM) is a domain expert within the Acquisition team who has a dual focus at the Acquisition Editor (AE) and the Acquisition team level. Packt AEs recruit authors with the knowledge and skills to create products that meet customers’ needs and support them in developing a high-level content structure. They also recruit technical reviewers that evaluate the accuracy and quality of the content provided by the authors. The ADM coaches the AEs to solve highly knotty problems where their general expertise proves insufficient. The ADM also supports the overall Acquisition team by undertaking strategic change programs so that it collectively achieves peak performance consistently. Writing aptitude: Possess the natural ability to write with purpose a piece of content that can be used while engaging with leads, for example, emails, press releases, product information, promotional pieces, and web content. Data-driven decision making: Desire to utilize data as a critical tool in decision-making. Ability to initiate change programs by analyzing data to understand their options, evaluate progress and performance, and drawing clear conclusions about next steps.
Video Editor
A Video Editor will have to Study the video title’s outline and scripts to become familiar with its concepts and requirements. It would also involve reviewing the footage sequence by sequence in order to become familiar with the content before assembling it into a final product. Engage in making, assembling, and polishing the screencasts and recorded content, providing effective and efficient quality control. It would also involve reviewing the assembled sections in order to determine if corrections are necessary, and make them whenever or wherever possible. Cut shot sequences to different angles at specific points in scenes, making each individual cut as fluid and seamless as possible. This would involve selecting and combining the most effective shots of each course section in order to form a logical and smoothly transitioning course. It would mostly involve trimming video segments to specified lengths, and reassembling segments in sequences that present information with maximum effect.

Qualification: Graduate in any stream.
Requirement: Should have completed a course, diploma or degree, from academies that offer courses in video editing, photography or a related field. A bachelor's degree from colleges that offer digital technologies and computers is preferred. Knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and Audacity is a must. Other audio editing and video editing software’s knowledge is a plus. Must be highly skilled in digital editing systems and have extensive knowledge of digital audio-visual technology.
Front End Developer (Angular)
We are looking to fill a Full Stack software developer role to work on a fast paced delivery environment. You should have experience on technologies like Angular 2+, Nodejs. Develop and maintain web and mobile version of the project.

Qualification: Graduate in IT Stream, min 3 yrs of front end development experience building websites and mobile app, should be comfortable with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Full Stack Developer (Node.js)
We are looking to fill a Full Stack software developer role to work on a fast paced delivery environment. You should have experience on technologies like Node.js, Angular 4.0 and PostgreSql.

Qualification: Graduate in IT Stream, min 3 yrs of programming experience (regardless of language), Should have worked on at least 1 live project using Node.js, should be comfortable with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Magento Software Developer
We are looking to fill a Magento software developer role to work on a fast paced delivery environment. You should have experience on technologies likeMagento2, PHP and PostgreSql.

Qualification: Graduate in IT Stream, min 3 yrs of programming experience in PHP, Should have worked on at least 1 live project using Magento, should be comfortable with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Instructional Designer
The instructional designer should be able to process large quantities of information on varying topic areas, asking the correct questions from experts in order to determine learning objectives and the content requirements of the course.

Qualification: Degree in instructional design, educational technology, English or proven experience in the field.
Senior Business/ Data Analyst
We are looking for a successful and experience manager and leader to build and run our Data Warehouse and data engineering team in Mumbai.

You will lead a team of Data Engineers / Developers to design and develop the accurate capture and central management of Data Warehouse and reporting data environments for effective data flow management and reporting across Packt.

Our goal is to have a single version of the truth for all BI data in a Central Data Warehouse environment, which translates to having a well designed and accurate central location for reporting data, from where all BI reporting and analysis takes place by analysts across Packt.

The role and their team will deliver accurate data marts and a data warehouse/lake which inform the business to make strategic and tactical decisions, and provides individuals with the information they need to perform their roles more effectively.

You will need experience in managing and building a team of high capabilities to successfully manage the live data warehouse environment in parallel to coordinating the development, testing and release of new features.

You are a technical person and must combine your up to date technical knowledge of how to develop Data Warehouses with the leadership skills to coordinate your team to deliver and support efficiently.

Working for the Global Data Team headed in the UK and working with IT counterpart teams in Birmingham & Mumbai, you will work collaboratively in designing the data project roadmap to deliver agile and iteratively improving data capture and reporting, whilst also supporting the live environments.

An experienced, organised and focused professional, you must be able evaluate implications of making changes, highlight potential risks, communicate with stakeholders, ensure the day to day support of existing data systems and schedule delivery of projects to agreed timelines.

  • Process management for ETL & data reporting management sourcing from all operational platforms.
  • Assist in the tooling selection and standards for modelling, cleansing, enriching, transforming, moving, storing, searching and delivering all data within the Enterprise.
  • Design and develop approaches to deliver a roadmap of data tooling, ETL, data model design.
  • Capture emergent or additional requirements not originally identified.
  • Suggest and evolve the Database standards and data integrity procedures and techniques used by the business.
  • Be the development sprint lead of a team of Data Engineers to increase the capability and capacity of ETL development
  • Designing the team roles, recruitment for team members, mentoring and line management
  • Support the live environment for stable data management, data feeds and reporting.

  • Requirements
  • Experience in defining and shaping dataflows across an enterprise Data Warehouse and reporting data marts.
  • Experience in managing ETL program development roadmaps
  • Experience in managing a team of BI and ETL developers
  • Ideally experience in Cloud data tools suites such as Google or AWS
  • Strong focus on backend tool sets to provide efficient data query and analysis, preferably MySQL, Postgres.
  • Experience in supporting production Data Platforms - Data Warehouses or similar
  • Experience in building a data services team and evolving the services delivered.
  • Experience in designing and implementing reports and dashboards, using applications such as Power BI is useful but not essential as the core of the role is creating the Data Warehouses.

  • Technical Specifics
  • Knowledge of ETL tooling and documentation standards
  • Documentation ownership of Source to Target Mapping and all data process flows
  • Delivery of Enterprise Data capture and ETL programs ensuring a single version of truth in reporting flows
  • Live environment data load program support, backup, archive and restoration processes
  • Data Model and ETL logic design and documentation
  • Business Analysis for requirements gathering to understand future user needs of users in Mumbai office
  • Project Manage Data Development Projects
  • Adhere to Metadata Management and Naming Standards
  • Data Governance and procedures documentation and following
  • Working with IT teams to ensure Data Security and API Control needs
  • Business Intelligence BI Reporting and Dashboard Tools for core end users

  • Competencies
  • Analysis and planning: Able to analyse data, create models and derive qualitative insights to create actionable knowledge, using this to make careful and realistic plans. Able to break actions down into manageable steps
  • Innovation and change: Introduce fresh insight and ideas, continually seeking improvement
  • Communication with Clarity: Can put ideas across simply and clearly, and organize a complex reality into a simple and logical structure
  • Leadership: Build a team of high capabilities and have a strong and collaborative team culture

  • Qualification: 5yrs+ exp in analysis and requirements gathering,Dashboard tools (Power BI),SQL Database experience (preferably MySQL and/or cloud based databases).