Zeal Vora

Zeal Vora

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Zeal Vora has been working in the field in Linux and Security from past five years. His journey in security field started when few of his friends' websites were hacked and while analyzing the cause and resolving the issue, his interest in the field of defensive security arose and has been working into defensive security ever since.

Along with the work, Zeal has a great passion for teaching and he is currently one of the Premium Instructors at platforms like Udemy with more than 40,000+ students across all online platforms. Currently, Zeal has seven courses ranging from Wireless Security, AWS Certified Security Specialty, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional and many more.

Currently, Zeal works primarily in the DevSecOps field, helping organizations and startups tighten up their security, specifically related to infrastructure, operating systems, and networks. His current day-to-day activities mostly revolve around cloud platforms mostly AWS.

In addition to this, Zeal has than then 13+ certifications ranging from “Certified Payment Card Industry Security Implementer”, AWS Solutions Architect Professional, RedHat

Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening, Enterprise Virtualization, Openstack, Hybrid Cloud Storage with more to come :)

Books from Zeal Vora

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Enterprise Cloud Security and Governance
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