Vikas Aggarwal

Vikas Aggarwal

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Vikas Aggarwal is an Infrastructure Engineer and a SRE, currently employed with HelpShift Technologies, and a former employee of BrowserStack Pvt. Ltd. He is a part of the Operations team at HelpShift, codifying automations for managing numerous deployed application clusters and different cloud services. He helped BrowserStack scale up from a few thousands to millions of requests, and introduced a lot of automation across various components to manage, monitor, and deploy a hybrid cloud of thousands of servers. He has matured his skills in cloud and automation in the course of of his career by investing big-time in deploying cloud automation to maintain cloud resources with various tools such as Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, and more.

Vikas is a lazy guy, never likes ssh’ing, so he spends most of his valuable time writing automation and codifying processes.

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Ansible 2 Automation Cookbook
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