Vernon Denny

Vernon Denny

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Born and bred in a small city called Klerksdorp in the north-west of South Africa, Vernon now lives in Johannesburg with his wife, daughter and supercilious cat. Despite standing two meters tall in his thinnest socks he has an apprehension of heights.

After explaining the vagaries of the insurance industry to an IBM iSeries computer in RPG and PHP during the typical working day, he loves to help out on the Webform issue queue on the Drupal website. In between all of this he also keeps himself busy learning about the GNU/Linux operating system and the freedoms arising from the Free and Open Source Software movement.

When a computer keyboard is out of reach, Vernon is either playing games with his daughter, hiking with the family, or irritating them with his attempts to learn guitar.

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Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook Book Cover
Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook
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