Víctor Fernández de Alba

Víctor Fernández de Alba

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Víctor has been an IT architect at UPCnet, the Barcelona Tech University (UPC) IT company since 2001. He has led the design and technical architecture of the more than 100 projects undertaken by the UPCnet Plone Team since its inception in 2004. He has taught Plone to non-technical end users at the university several times. This allowed him to use this close experience with users to improve the usability of web projects developed by his team. He also writes manuals about Plone targeted at end users.

The flagship project of the UPCnet Plone Team is Genweb UPC. This project allows deploying a fully featured, theme customized, and end-user ready site in a few short steps. It has helped to launch more than 200 Plone-powered sites at the university including departmental websites and intranets, university services, faculties sites, and other entities. In December 2009, the UPCnet Plone Team finished one of its more ambitious projects and the main website of the Barcelona Tech University became a reality. It was developed focusing on scalability, high performance, and usability using Plone.

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