Trevor James

Trevor James

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Trevor James is a Drupal developer residing in Middletown, MD, USA. Trevor has been using Drupal intensively since 2007 and designing websites for over 15 years using a combination of HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, PHP, jQuery, and JavaScript.

Trevor's focus is on building Drupal-based web applications and portals for education, non-profit, and medical systems, and small business environments. He is interested in the best methods of integrating web services with Drupal sites, optimizing Drupal sites' performance, and using Drupal content types, Views, Panels, and other contributed modules to develop front-end interfaces that support data intensive websites.

He loves teaching people about Drupal and how to use this excellent open source content management framework. Trevor authored the following Packt books:

Trevor created a 14-hour video tutorial series titled Drupal 7 for Virtual Training Company (VTC) in 2011. The video is available via the VTC website at

Books from Trevor James

Drupal 6 Performance Tips Book Cover
Drupal 6 Performance Tips
$ 23.99
$ 10.00
Drupal Web Services Book Cover
Drupal Web Services
$ 26.99
$ 10.00
Drupal 7 Business Solutions Book Cover
Drupal 7 Business Solutions
$ 29.99
$ 10.00
Drupal 7 Module Development [Video] Book Cover
Drupal 7 Module Development [Video]
$ 84.99
$ 10.00
Migrating to Drupal 7 Book Cover
Migrating to Drupal 7
$ 14.99
$ 10.00