Tim Lavers

Tim Lavers

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Tim Lavers is a Senior Software Engineer at Pacific Knowledge Systems, which produces LabWizard—the gold standard for rules-based knowledge acquisition software. In developing and maintaining LabWizard for almost 10 years, Tim has worked with many Java technologies, including network programming, Swing, reflection, logging, JavaHelp, web services, RMI, WebStart, preferences, internationalization, concurrent programming, XML, and databases. He has worked with tools as well, such as Ant and CruiseControl. His job also includes a healthy mix of user training, technical support, and support to marketing. In his previous job, he wrote servlets and built an image processing library. Along with his professional programming, he writes and maintains the distributed testing tool, GrandTestAuto. He has published a JavaWorld article on RMI as well as a number of mathematical papers. Tim's hobbies include running and playing the piano.

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