Taras Kalapun

Taras Kalapun

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Taras Kalapun has more than 10 years experience as a Software Developer and Consultant in Mobile and Web. His background spans numerous technologies, programming languages, and databases. He was involved in developing more than 100 iOS projects and web services, as well as project management activities. In addition, he managed teams of software developers who all wanted to kill him. Through his mentoring, tech leading, troubleshooting, and code reviewing, he discovered that teaching by example resulted in more effective software development. A method he supplemented with, "Stop trying to reinvent the wheel"—a favorite phrase he used to tell young software developers.

He has worked at a number of IT companies across Europe including Ukrtelecom, a national Ukrainian telecommunication company; Ciklum, a Dutch outstuffing company headquartered in Ukraine; and Xaton, an Amsterdam software development company, in addition to freelance projects.

Occasionally he publishes small how-to articles on solving development problems and impedances on his blog, http://kalapun.com, some of which progressed to the development of this book.

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RestKit for iOS
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