Tadit Dash

Tadit Dash

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Tadit Dash is a software engineer by profession. As a software engineer, he usually works for 8 to 9 hours daily. Besides his daily work, he contributes to both online and offline communities. He co-founded the first technical community in his state, named Microsoft Developers Community Odisha, which is devoted to spreading awareness of the newest trends in technology among developers. This community organizes events and workshops in orphanages, schools, and colleges.

He writes articles and blogs and creates demos and videos for fellow programmers. Answering questions on online forums and social channels are the activities he enjoys the most. Due to his exceptional contribution to the technical community, Microsoft has awarded him with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional accolade since 2014. CodeProject has awarded him the CodeProject MVP accolade (the first from Odisha and three times in a row for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016). For his constant mentorship, IndiaMentor featured him as a Young Mentor on their site.

He was recognized by DZone and awarded the Most Valuable Blogger accolade. He was awarded the Star and Achiever accolade from his organization. Motivating students in his sessions is something he is popular for. He is a regular technical and motivational speaker. He has spoken at many local events organized by different communities. He was a featured speaker in DevTechDay Nepal.

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Dependency Injection in .NET Core 2.0
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