Tadas Subonis

Tadas Subonis

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Tadas Subonis started coding when he was about thirteen. Since then, he has programmed with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C++, and Java (the language in which he has probably written the most code). He took up Android relatively recently, around 2014 (after a few false starts in 2012).

However, he soon learned that Android lacks decent support for asynchronous programming (Async Task was/is a joke) while more reckless languages, such as JavaScript, had had promises for a long time. Furthermore, Java's standard library lacked decent support for functional programming primitives (map, filter), but that was easily fixable with libraries such as Guava.

This led Tadas to a search for a library that would help him achieve a Promise-like functionality and interface. It didn't take him long to find ReactiveX and its family of implementations (including RxJava), which handles streams in a Reactive fashion. It didn't exactly offer the flow that Promise-like systems provide but, soon enough, he realized that it was even more powerful.

Since then, he has been using RxJava (and RxKotlin) for his daily Android programming. The quality of the code (the lack of bugs, readability, and maintainability) has improved ten-fold. Giving users of your application a fast, crash-free experience is a must these days when competition for user attention on app marketplaces is getting fiercer and fiercer.

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