Stephen Vincent Mather

Stephen Vincent Mather

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Stephen Vincent Mather has worked in the geospatial industry for 15 years, having always had a flair for geospatial analyses in general, especially those at the intersection of Geography and Ecology. His work in open-source geospatial databases started 5 years ago with PostGIS and he immediately began using PostGIS as an analytic tool, attempting a range of innovative and sometimes bleeding-edge techniques (although he admittedly prefers the cutting edge). His geospatial career has spanned a variety of interesting and novel natural-resource projects, everything from the movement of ice sheets in Antarctica to hiking viewsheds and mobile trail applications to help park users find trails, picnic areas, and restrooms.

Stephen is currently the GIS manager for Cleveland Metroparks in Cleveland, Ohio. He manages a small geospatial shop that specializes in high-end cartography, crating and generating data, geospatial web development, and analyses for natural-resource management, largely with open-source software.

Stephen is also a Mennonite technologist, aka a straw-hat hacker, interested in creating fair and open data and infrastructure for better governance and humanitarian purposes. He is heavily involved in the Cleveland Civic Hacking movement as he works with the public to help them get engaged with geospatial data. In his spare time, he builds guitars really, really slowly.

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