Stephanie Harnett

Stephanie Harnett

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Stephanie Harnett is a learning consultant who has over 20 years of training and communications experience. She has worked with business leaders, key stakeholders, and project teams, designing, developing, and delivering collaborative solutions, online learning, and interactive communications. Her areas of expertise include governance, compliance, operations, human resources in oil and gas, and government.

Stephanie is passionate about learning and technology—it is her work and her hobby. You will frequently spot her in the global community of learning professionals, sharing her knowledge through guest blog posts and tutorials. Her contributions to the community can be viewed on and by following her on Twitter (slhice).

Over the years, she has developed a keen awareness of adult learning in a corporate setting and uses her research and analysis, instructional design, writing, presentation, and technical skills, along with a dash of common sense, to produce effective, engaging, and on-target results that meet business challenges.

Away from the office? This is a foreign concept for Stephanie. She weaves learning and technology when she works and when she plays—finding new devices and effective ways to communicate, collaborate, work, play, learn, and share, no matter where her GPS coordinates are.

Specialties include instructional design, writing/communications, technical writing, storyboarding/layout/design, advisory, and technical support/training.

Books from Stephanie Harnett

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Learning Articulate Storyline
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