Sergey Ilinsky

Sergey Ilinsky

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Sergey Ilinsky is a senior UI engineer at Nedstat BV. He has worked for Backbase for 3 years, evangelizing open-standards based software development, and engineering and developing core parts of the Backbase Client Framework.

Having been heavily involved with client-side development since 2003 he became an expert in many web technology standards such as DOM, XBL2, SVG, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as in proprietary ones such as HTC, VML, XBL or XUL. He can frequently be found on AJAX- or Client-side technology-related forums or he can be met at international conferences where he occasionally gives talks.

Sergey is nowadays busy with his new open-source project: the JavaScript GUI framework "Ample SDK", where he tries to put many great browser-based application development practices into one easy-to-use software development platform.

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