Saurabh Bhatia

Saurabh Bhatia

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Saurabh Bhatia has been developing professional software since 2005. However, his programming interests date back to his school days. Starting with Java, he quickly moved to Ruby on Rails in 2006, and it has been his primary choice of development framework since then. He built a Ruby on Rails consulting company and ran it for five years. He has worked with several companies in the tech industry, from getting two-person startups off the ground to developing software for large corporates. He is currently the CTO of Ruling Digital Inc., a software company that develops software for universities.

He has been an open source enthusiast and has helped Ubuntu penetrate the Indian market since 2007. He was a part of the open source promotion society called Twincling Society for Open Source in Hyderabad. He started and moderated Bangalore Ruby Users Group and also moderates the Mumbai Ruby Users Group. He is also a part of the RailsBridge initiative for mentoring new Rails developers.

Over the years, he has written several articles online and in print for different publications, such as Linux User and Developer, Linux For You, Rails Magazine, (, and SitePoint Ruby ( He currently resides in Taiwan. He wishes to continue writing and share his knowledge as much as possible with budding developers.

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