Russ McKendrick

Russ McKendrick

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Russ McKendrick is an experienced solutions architect who has been working in IT and related industries for the better part of 25 years. During his career, he has had varied responsibilities in many different sectors, ranging from looking after an entire IT infrastructure to providing first-line, second-line, and senior support in both client-facing and internal teams for small and large organizations.

Russ works almost exclusively with Linux, using open source systems and tools across both dedicated hardware and virtual machines hosted in public and private clouds at Node4 Limited, where he heads up the Open Source Solutions team.

In his spare time, he has written four books on Docker: Monitoring Docker, Extending Docker, and Docker Bootcamp, which are all available now from Packt, as well as contributing to Monitoring and Management With Docker and Containers, which was published by The New Stack.

He also buys way too many vinyl records.

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