Rich Helms

Rich Helms

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"It's never been done" is a call to action for Rich Helms. He has built a career on breaking new ground in the computer field. He developed CARES (Computer Assisted Recovery Enhancement System) for the Metropolitan Toronto Police in Canada. CARES was the first computer system in the world for aging missing children. CARES has been internationally recognized as pioneering work in child aging. Rich has also created several generations of e-Learning platforms including Learn it Script and most recently Educate Press.

Rich is a seasoned software developer with over 30 years of experience. He spent 22 years in various positions at IBM including Chief Image Technology Architect. His credentials range from deep technical work (five patents in hardware and software) to running multinational R&D.

Books from Rich Helms

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Amazon SimpleDB Developer Guide
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Amazon SimpleDB: LITE Book Cover
Amazon SimpleDB: LITE
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