Rajesh Gunasundaram

Rajesh Gunasundaram

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Rajesh Gunasundaram is a software architect, technical writer and blogger. He has over 15 years' experience in the IT industry, with more than 10 years using Microsoft .NET, 2 years of BizTalk Server, and a year of iOS application development.

Rajesh is a founder and editor of technical blogs www.programmerguide.net and www.ioscorner.com and you can find many of his technical writings on .Net and iOS.

Rajesh is also the founder and developer of a web product www.VideoLens.net , a platform that analyzes YouTube videos and channels.

Rajesh has also written a book ASP.NET Web API Security Essentials for Packt Publishing.

Rajesh holds a masters degree in Computer Application and began his career as a software engineer in 2002. He worked on client premises located at various countries such as UK, Belarus, and Norway. He also has experience in developing mobile applications for iPhone and iPad.

His technical strengths include Azure, Xamarin, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, .Net Framework/.Net Core, C#, Objective-C, Angular, BizTalk, SQL Server, REST, SOA, Design Patterns, and Software Architecture

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