Rahul Goyal

Rahul Goyal

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Rahul Goyal is an accomplished manager with a rich experience of nearly two decades in the software industry. He began his career at UBICS, Bangalore as a programmer working on e-mail systems in India. He started managing people very early in his career and honed his skills in Bangalore, India, and then in Silicon Valley, USA working for Oracle Corporation. He now works as Director of Engineering at Intuit India.

Rahul finds management in everything, such as a game of soccer or a line of ants carrying food or his two sons, sometimes in a tussel for the TV remote or suprisingly co-operating to clean their room. While working at Oracle, he went to IIM, Bangalore to get executive management education in general management.

He is an avid reader and also writes a blog on management which can be found at http://rxgoyal.blogspot.com. He enjoys spending his spare time with family and friends or at the course playing golf.

Books from Rahul Goyal

Management in India: Grow from an Accidental to a successful manager in the IT & knowledge industry
$ 23.99