Piotr Jagielski

Piotr Jagielski

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Piotr Jagielski graduated in Computer Science from Warsaw University, where he encountered functional (SML) and logic (Prolog) programming 10 years before Seven Languages by Bruce A. Tate was published. He started coding for money with C++, and after two years, switched to Java, which he still uses to this day (with a little help from Groovy) in both integration middleware and frontends as a senior developer at TouK.

In his spare time, he discovers tech startups and trending open source frameworks, which has led him to create a framework rating system at DevRates.com. He spent the last couple of months hacking Raspberry Pi and Arduino, with some quite successful proofs-of-concept (he won second place in Hackwaw for a teddy bear baby monitor).

He is also a husband and the geek dad of a 2-year-old geek boy.

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