Paulo Ragonha

Paulo Ragonha

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Paulo Ragonha is a software engineer with over 7 years of professional experience. An advocate of the open Web, he is inspired and driven to build compelling experiences on top of this ubiquitous platform.

H e loves to hack, so you will often see him wandering around in conferences or attending hackathons. His most recent professional experiences ranged from DevOps (with Chef and Docker) to moving up the stack with Node.js, Ruby, and Python and all the way toward building single-page applications (mostly with Backbone.js and "ad hoc" solutions).

Passionate about automation, he sees testing as a liberating tool to enjoy the craft of writing code even more. Back in 2013, he wrote the first edition of the book Jasmine JavaScript Testing, Packt Publishing.

Paulo has an amazing wife, who he loves very much. He lives in beautiful Florianópolis, a coastal city in the south of Brazil. He is a casual speaker, a biker, a runner, and a hobbyist photographer.

Books from Paulo Ragonha

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Jasmine JavaScript Testing
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Jasmine JavaScript Testing - Second Edition Book Cover
Jasmine JavaScript Testing - Second Edition
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