Paul Tondeur

Paul Tondeur

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Paul Tondeur is as an internet entrepreneur who lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

He started as a freelance PHP and Flash developer during his study multimedia technology in 2003. After successfully completing his study he was asked to become the CTO of a Dutch online marketing agency in 2004. At this company he developed a strong interest for 3D and got the chance to get professionally involved as the technical lead for serious Second Life projects. Second Life was too limited to fulfill his needs to create accessible interactive multiplayer 3D on the web and this is when he found out about Papervision3D during the early days. Because of his passion for the Flash platform this was love at first sight.

At the beginning of 2009, Paul decided he had to take more advantage of his technical skills as an internet entrepreneur. Currently he helps other companies as a Unity, Papervision3D, Red5 and mobile streaming consultant. Together with a team of people around him, he is also involved in creating a browser based MMO, incorporating the usage of Red5, Unity, Flash and Papervision3D.


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