Pablo Ruiz

Pablo Ruiz

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Pablo Ruiz started his carreer as a developer working as PHP developer for a local government office in 2007. Before that, he would work in QA for a big multinational game development company.

While working as a PHP developer he would build big administrative and accounting systems which were used across all the offices for their daily work.

In 2008 he began working on some small C# games using the XNA framework in his spare time. At the time, the iPhone was gaining ground so he began working on a personal project, a little game called Aqua Rush. After releasing it and starting doing consultancy work for several companies he left his day job and began working as a freelance iPhone developer.

Half a year later, he founded, with his partner, their own company; Infinix Mobile Software Development in Argentina, where he employs and trains students to learn and master the art of programming.

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