Nicholas Sherriff

Nicholas Sherriff

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Nicholas Sherriff (Nick) spent the majority of his career at a major utility company in the UK, working predominantly with C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server on the Microsoft Windows platform.

With the accelerated adoption of mobile devices and increased demand for cross-platform applications, he was tasked with leading the native application development function. After some experimentation with C++, CX and Objective-C, he eventually discovered Qt and set about integrating it into the business, utilising it on a major greenfield project lasting some two years. After 20 years of service, Nick moved to a communications recording software house to begin a new challenge.

A frustrated creative, Nick plays several instruments and writes and records music of various genres. The rest of his time is frittered away with computer games, films, TV, books, cats, half-hearted calisthenics, and slow walks in creepy woods.

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