Nagarajan Bhava

Nagarajan Bhava

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Nagarajan Bhava is a User Interface Architect, who actively explores, designs, and develops user interfaces using the latest UI technologies. He has over 14 years of experience—12 years in IT and 2 years in Control system design engineering.

His work on user interfaces started during pre-Ajax days, for a Business Analytic product with thick-client and Windows desktop-like features in a thin web browser client interface and he is continuing his development for SaaS-based Cloud security service.

He primarily works on user interface designs, developing intuitive rich user interfaces using the latest User Interface frameworks (such as jQuery, MooTools, YUI, DOJO, and Ext JS), Ajax, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and Web 2.0 technologies, along with Java J2EE backend technologies.

He has recently taken an interest in designing user interfaces for mobile devices.

He is creative and loves to research various upcoming UI trends and implements them wherever applicable. He has a passion for UI design and is an artist by hobby.

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