Mina Andrawos

Mina Andrawos

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Mina is an experienced engineer who has developed a lot of experience in Go from using it personally and professionally. He regularly authors articles and tutorials about the language, and also shares Go open source projects. He wrote numerous Go applications with varying degrees of complexity. He is the Author of the Mastering Go Programming course for Packt, which has gathered great feedback from reviewers.

Other than Go, Mina has skills in C#, Java, Python, and C++. He has worked with various databases and software architectures. He also has skills with the agile methodology in software development. Besides software development; he has worked in scrum mastering, sales engineering, and software product management.

Books from Mina Andrawos

Mastering Go Programming [Video] Book Cover
Mastering Go Programming [Video]
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Cloud Native Go Book Cover
Cloud Native Go
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Modern Golang Programming [Video] Book Cover
Modern Golang Programming [Video]
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