Mihai Bucica

Mihai Bucica

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Mihai Bucica started programming and competing in programming contests (winning many of them), all at age twelve.With a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Automatic Control and Computers Faculty of the Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania, Bucica works on building communication software with various electronic markets.

Even after working with a multitude of languages and technologies, Bucica's programming language of choice remains C++, and he loves the LGPL word. Mihai also co-authored Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL E-Commerce and he be contacted through his personal website, www.valentinbucica.ro.

Books from Mihai Bucica

AJAX e PHP:Sviluppare applicazioni web dinamiche [Italiano]
$ 15.40
AJAX y PHP: Construyendo Aplicaciones Web Interactivas [Espanol]
$ 19.60