Miguel DeQuadros

Miguel DeQuadros

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Miguel DeQuadros is a game developer and founder of the independent development studio Wurd Industries, based in Ontario, Canada. He has been developing iPhone games since the release of the App Store back at the exciting release of iOS 2.0. Since then, working under Wurd Industries, he has 12 games and one entertainment app world-wide on the App Store, with more to come.

Originally interested in 3D animation and graphical design, Miguel focused mainly on this in 2004, but then got the game development “bug” and has been developing iPhone apps since 2008, which allows him to use his creativity and knowledge of 3D animation for cut scenes and videos within his apps, and he loves every minute of it. Starting from his first project Toy Tennis back in 2008, down to his current project SpaceRoads for the PC, Mac, and other platforms, he has continued to develop high-quality apps and games alike.

Moving away from simple game development tools, he now primarily uses Unity3D, 3D Studio Max, and Unreal Engine for his current projects in an aim to create very high-quality games. As of recent times, Miguel has become a Nintendo Wii U developer and is planning on porting SpaceRoads and creating new projects for the Wii U.

His games can be seen on the AppStore on iOS, Steam Greenlight, Amazon, and IndieCity, and of course on his website wurdindustries.com. His games have been reviewed on YouTube by Action Soup Studios, and he has also been interviewed for them.

He began expressing an interest in GameSalad when it was first launched in March 2009, but didn’t start using it until January 2010 when he started to develop his 3rd iOS game iMMUNE 2: Rise of the Salmonella, a 2D platformer sequel to the iMMUNE series. To this day, Miguel and Wurd Industries continue to be professional members of the GameSalad community and continue to use GameSalad to prototype and develop games for iOS devices, while using Xcode for more in-depth and complicated games. He has now branched out to personal computer games and console development.

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