Mark Drew

Mark Drew

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Mark Drew has been developing web applications for a number of clients since the mid-90s. He has been using ColdFusion and writing in CFML since 1996, and even though he has had the occasional forays into Perl, ASP, PHP, Rails and Java, he is still loving every line of code he has crafted with CFML.

Mark has been part of the CFEclipse Project developing a CFML IDE and Project Manager for the Reactor ORM Project as well as contributor to a number of frameworks.

His career has concentrated on e-commerce, Web Content Management and Application Scalability for various well-known brands in the UK as well as the rest of the world.

Mark is also a well-known speaker at various conferences on subjects close to his heart such as ORM's, Frameworks, Development Tooling and Process, as well as noSQL databases and a range of other topics.

Mark lives in Greenwich, London, where the Mean Time comes from. Mark isn’t mean of course. He works as the CEO of Railo Technologies Limited, a web development consultancy and Professional Open Source provider of Railo Server. Check us out at

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