Luis Pedro Coelho

Luis Pedro Coelho

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Luis Pedro Coelho is a computational biologist: someone who uses computers as a tool to understand biological systems. In particular, Luis analyzes DNA from microbial communities to characterize their behavior. Luis has also worked extensively in bioimage informatics—the application of machine learning techniques for the analysis of images of biological specimens. His main focus is on the processing and integration of large-scale datasets.

Luis has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, one of the leading universities in the world in the area of machine learning. He is the author of several scientific publications.

Luis started developing open source software in 1998 as a way to apply real code to what he was learning in his computer science courses at the Technical University of Lisbon. In 2004, he started developing in Python and has contributed to several open source libraries in this language. He is the lead developer on the popular computer vision package for Python and mahotas, as well as the contributor of several machine learning codes.

Luis currently divides his time between Luxembourg and Heidelberg.

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