Loiane Groner

Loiane Groner

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Loiane Groner has over 10 years of experience in developing enterprise applications. She has worked at multinational companies, such as IBM, and nowadays she works as Software Development Manager at a financial institution, where she manages overseas solutions. Her areas of expertise include Java, Sencha technologies (Ext JS), and hybrid mobile development with PhoneGap and Ionic.

She is passionate about technology, and she has dedicated herself to spreading knowledge in the software development community through her blog http://loiane.com, as guest speaker in IT conferences, and also as guest professor in university extension courses.

While at university, she worked as teacher's assistant for 2 years for the Algorithms, Data Structures, and Computing Theory classes. She represented her university at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest – Brazilian Finals (South America Regionals) and also worked as Student Delegate of SBC (Brazilian Computing Society). She won a merit award in her Senior year for being one of top three students with better GPAs in the Computer Science department and has also graduated with honors.

Loiane is also the author of the books Ext JS 4 First Look, Mastering Ext JS, Mastering Ext JS - Second Edition, Sencha Architect App Development, Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms, and JavaScript Regular Expression, all of them published by Packt Publishing.

If you want to keep in touch, you can find Loiane on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/loianegroner), Twitter (@loiane), and also on Github (https://github.com/loiane).

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