Kranti Parisa

Kranti Parisa

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Kranti has more than a decade of software development expertise and a deep understanding of open source, enterprise software, and the execution required to build successful products.

He has fallen in love with Enterprise Search technologies, especially Lucene & Solr, after his initial implementations and customizations done in early 2008 for building a legal search engine for chapter 11 courts and cases. He is an active contributor to the Apache Solr community. One of his recent contributions, along with Joel Bernstein, SOLR-4787 includes scalable and nested join implementations.

He is currently working as a Lead Engineer/Search Architect at Comcast Labs; where he is responsible for building & supporting a scalable and highly available Search & Discovery engine for supporting millions of queries each day from the traditional set-top boxes and also from the highly innovative X1/X2 platform - the world's first entertainment operating system.

As an entrepreneur by DNA, he is a co-founder and technical advisor to multiple startups focusing on Cloud Computing, SaaS, Big Data and Enterprise Search based products & services. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from National Institute of Technology Warangal - India.

You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn (

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