Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi

Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi

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Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi was born in Sapporo, Japan in 1979. He started using C/C++ at the age of 14 and proceeded to learn MASM, Delphi, ActionScript, PHP, C#, Perl, and so on.

After working for a web systems development company while enrolled at college, he began programming built-in functions for cell phones.

Having worked as a Project Manager and a freelance programmer for one year, he established his company Xenophy CO., LTD in 2006.

Xenophy has always offered a variety of IT web solutions and has become synonymous with the promotion and expansion of Sencha in Japan.

Currently, Xenophy is a Sencha Reseller and the official Sencha training partner in Japan. In September 2013, Xenophy announced the launch of Sencha Official Training in Japan, a fully localized course with Sencha's official training materials adapted for the Japanese market.

He has already published two Sencha Ext JS guides in Japanese, including Sencha EXT JS 4 – A Practical Developing Guide and he recently co-authored a Sencha Touch guide.

Books from Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi

Ext JS Data-driven Application Design Book Cover
Ext JS Data-driven Application Design
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