John Beuchler

John Beuchler

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John Buechler, a.k.a. PapaJohn, is the prominent specialist in the community of Movie Maker 2 users (the starter video editing software included in every version of Windows XP). He co-authored Movie Maker 2 - Zero to Hero, and wrote Movie Maker 2 - Do Amazing Things. Other writings include a tutorial in MaximumPC and weekly newsletters.

Movie Maker 2 is a basic starter application, and John encourages using other software that complements it. Virtual Dub was a core item in his toolkit since the beginning. His books and other writings routinely include it.

PapaJohn has a very active online presence, with over 10,000 posts to newsgroups and forums in the past few years. His website is an authoritative online reference for Movie Maker users. He moderates forums at and, and is a regular at the microsoft.windowsxp.moviemaker newsgroup.

He won the annual Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awards for three years straight: 2003 through 2005, and was further acknowledged by a special 2004 Windows 'Winny' award for outstanding community support by Microsoft.

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