John Arundel

John Arundel

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John Arundel has worked in the IT industry for most of his life, and during that time has done wrong (or seen others do wrong) almost everything that you can do wrong with computers. That comprehensive knowledge of what not to do, he feels, is one of his greatest assets as a consultant. He is still adding to it.

He spent much of his career working in very large corporations and, as a result, now likes to work with very small corporations. They like working with him too, not only because he can tell them about things that should not be done, but also because he can confidently inform them that big companies don't know what they're doing either.

Off the clock, he enjoys gardening, competitive rifle shooting, and other gentle hobbies. You can follow him on Twitter @bitfield. If your company is small enough, you can hire him there too.

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