Jobin Kuruvilla

Jobin Kuruvilla

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Jobin Kuruvilla is an Atlassian Consultant with experience in customizing JIRA and writing JIRA plugins for various customers. He is currently working with Go2Group as an Atlassian platinum expert, and is involved in managing Atlassian products for big enterprises as well as small starter license installations. From an IT nerd to a DevOps evangelist, Jobin has performed various roles in his professional journey so far.

Jobin is the author of JIRA Development Cookbook, released in 2011, and JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook, released in 2013, both published by Packt Publishing and well-received in the JIRA community. He also runs a website named J-Tricks (, using which he shares numerous tutorials to help the developer community, who he believes have contributed immensely to his personal development. It is indeed those tutorials that sowed the first seeds of JIRA Development Cookbook.

Jobin started his career as a Java/J2EE developer in one of the biggest IT companies in India. After spending his initial years in the SOA world, he got hooked into this amazing product called JIRA, which he came across during the evaluation of a number of third-party tools. Soon, Jobin realized the power of JIRA, and pledged to spread the word. He has been doing it ever since, and he reckons there is a long way to go!

Outside the office, Jobin enjoys sports, especially soccer, and is on the verge of getting addicted to movies and social networking sites.

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JIRA 5.x Development Cookbook
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