Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

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Jim Wilson is president of JW Hedgehog, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in solutions for the Android, iOS, and Microsoft platforms. Jim has nearly 30 years of software engineering experience, with the past 13 years heavily focused on creating mobile device and location-based solutions. After nearly a decade as a Microsoft Device Application Development MVP, Jim now focuses on developing Android and iOS device applications.

Jim's passion is teaching and mentoring software developers. He is a regular contributor of Android-related training materials to Pluralsight (http://training.jwhh.com), a leading provider of online developer training. Jim has authored more than 30 articles on device application development, and has developed mobility and smart client curriculums for several organizations. You can find Jim speaking at a variety of industry conferences, including AnDevCon, Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, Tech Ed, VS Live, Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference, and many others.

Jim and his wife, along with several cats, live in Celebration, Florida (just 3 miles from Walt Disney World). Check out Jim's blog (http://blog.jwhh.com) where he talks about a variety of mobile software development issues as well as the fun of life just 3 miles from the "House of Mouse".

You can reach Jim at androidtraining@jwhh.com.

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