Jeremy Ary

Jeremy Ary

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Jeremy Ary is a Senior Software Developer, born and raised in Tennessee, US. He began working with Drools systems over five years ago, and became active in the community and conferences, furthering his curiosity and desire to work with rules engines. He has spent his time in the field improving various rule-based legacy systems in the financial field and creating others from scratch that automated company workflow processes. He's also authored highly-scalable rule-based emergency response and notification systems for both domestic and international customers.

When not in code monkey mode, Jeremy can be found in his shop doing woodworking, out on the waters fishing, or at home spending time with his two dachshunds, his loving wife Becca, and his newborn son Everett.

You can keep up with Jeremy's latest works at his Github account,, or you can reach out to him via LinkedIn at or e-mail him at

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