Jérôme Baton

Jérôme Baton

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Jérôme Baton started hacking computers at the age of skin problems, self learning basic on Amstrad CPC, peaking on coding a full screen horizontal starfield and messing the interlace of the video controller so that sprites appeared twice as high in horizontal beat’em up games. Disks were three inches for 178 Kb then.

Then, for gaming reasons, switched to Commodore Amiga and its fantastic AMOS Basic.

Later caught by seriousness and studies, he wrote Turbo Pascal, C, COBOL, Visual C++, Java on PCs and mainframes at university. And even Logo in high-school.

Then, Java happened and he became a consultant, mostly on backend code of web sites in many different businesses.

Jérôme authored several articles in French on Neo4j, JBoss Forge, an Arduino workshop for Devoxx4Kids and reviewed kilos of books on Android.

He has a weakness for wordplays, puns, spoonerisms and Neo4j that relieves him from join(t) pains.

Jérôme also has the joy to teach in French universities, currently at I.U.T de Paris, Université Paris V - René Descartes (Neo4j, Android) and Université de Troyes (Neo4j) where he does his best to enterTRain the students.

Books from Jérôme Baton

Learning Neo4j 3.x - Second Edition Book Cover
Learning Neo4j 3.x - Second Edition
$ 39.99
$ 28.00