Ibrar Ahmed

Ibrar Ahmed

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Ibrar Ahmed is a Senior Database System Architect in an Enterprise PostgreSQL company. Prior to coming to open source development, he had experience in software and embedded system development. He also possesses vast experience in open source development. He has contributed to the PostgreSQL community as well as other open source communities, such as the Google Chromium project. He is an open source evangelist, and his passion for open source development has enabled him to contribute a number of significant features to different open source communities.

Ibrar has contributed significantly to the goal of making PostgreSQL a federated RDBMS. He has developed, and maintains, a number of PostgreSQL extensions that communicate with other RDBMS's, such as MySQL; NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB; and distributed file system, such as HDFS. He has authored another book, PostgreSQL Developer's Guide, for Packt Publishing.

Books from Ibrar Ahmed

PostgreSQL Developer's Guide Book Cover
PostgreSQL Developer's Guide
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$ 13.50
PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance Book Cover
PostgreSQL 9.6 High Performance
$ 39.99
$ 20.00