Haafiz Waheed-ud-din Ahmad

Haafiz Waheed-ud-din Ahmad

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Haafiz Waheed-ud-din Ahmad has been working in the IT industry since 2008. He has mostly worked in web application development and mostly used PHP at the server side. Although most of his experience is in PHP, he is a technology agnostic person and also likes to learn and adapt to new technologies. He also acts as an adviser for startups and new developers.

He has worked on Python and JavaScript as well. He likes to experiment with new technologies, and he has also explored Golang, Scala, and Neo4J. He also has a keen interest in data science and big data domain and has worked on D3.js for data visualization. He is not just a technology enthusiast but also likes to solve day-to-day problems by the usage of technology. You can follow him on twitter at @Haafiz786.

Books from Haafiz Waheed-ud-din Ahmad

Building RESTful Web Services with PHP 7 Book Cover
Building RESTful Web Services with PHP 7
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