Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

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Gregory Smith is a Chief PostgreSQL Evangelist in Charleston, South Carolina, for Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc. He's been providing database advice to clients in industries such as manufacturing, finance, and web development for 20 years.

Writing about PostgreSQL represents his second foray into teaching database performance tuning. He wrote a small free e-book titled, Progress Performance FAQ in 1995, covering the basics of how to make the Progress 4GL and its associated database run faster. In 2001, he converted exclusively to using PostgreSQL 7.0 for projects, and has been watching the complexity of problems the database is capable of solving increase with every release ever since.

Greg has contributed feature additions to every PostgreSQL version since 8.3. He's also the creator of a growing set of add-on tools for the database, currently including pgtune, pgbench-tools, peg, and 2warm.

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