Greg Dunlap

Greg Dunlap

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Greg Dunlap is a software engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the past 15 years Greg has been involved in a wide variety of projects including desktop database applications, kiosks, embedded software for pinball and slot machines, and websites in over a dozen programming languages. Greg has been heavily involved with Drupal for three years, and is the maintainer of the Deploy and Services modules as well as a frequent speaker at Drupal conferences. Greg is currently Principal Software Developer at NodeOne.

Several people played crucial roles in my development as a Drupal contributor, providing support and encouragement just when I needed it most. My deepest gratitude to Gary Love, Jeff Eaton, Boris Mann, Angie Byron and Ken Rickard for helping me kick it up a notch. Extra special thanks to the lovely Roya Naini for putting up with lost nights and weekends in the service of finishing my chapters.

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Drupal 7 Module Development
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