Gianluca Guarini

Gianluca Guarini

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Gianluca Guarini is a 25-year-old web developer, with strong design skills, working currently in Zurich. He was born in Avellino, a sunny city in the south of Italy, and he grew up designing things and playing video games from an early age on a Commodore 64. He graduated in Psychology of Communication in Milan and has worked collaborating with small web agencies as a freelancer, always searching for new projects to enhance his skills.

In 2011, he wrote an HTML5 guide for the biggest Italian web design e-learning portal and in the same year he started a long collaboration with Radio Deejay pushing the HTML5 technology into the mainstream in Italy thanks to an amazing working group. He won, with Radio Deejay team, the first prize for the best Design/UX in Dev Unplugged (an HTML5 contest for the launch of Internet Explorer 9) realizing The Visual Player, an amazing project that combines the use of HTML5 Canvas, Video, Audio, and SVG features.

In 2012, he moved to Zurich to work as frontend developer for Gold Interactive, then a brand-new web agency that likes to start any new project always by exploiting the coolest HTML5 features needed to make them unique and great. He believes in open source and is always sharing his tricky codes on Twitter from his account @gianlucaguarini. You can contact him at and

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