Gautam Rege

Gautam Rege

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Gautam Rege has been working in Ruby since 2007 and has been experimenting a lot with MongoDB. He believes Ruby is indeed the language of the next generation – very human-readable, flexible and extremely enjoyable. MongoDB is the new age NoSQL forerunner. It has rightly started to gain ‘humongous’ patronage.

Gautam works a lot in Rails and at Josh Software Private Limited, the company he co-founded, working exclusively in Ruby and Ruby-related technologies. He is well versed with Rhodes (the Ruby mobile framework), Merb, Sinatra and occasionally also experiments with JS frameworks like Sproutcore, and Backbone.js

Books from Gautam Rege

Ruby and MongoDB Web Development Beginner's Guide Book Cover
Ruby and MongoDB Web Development Beginner's Guide
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$ 10.00
Learning Mongoid Book Cover
Learning Mongoid
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