Gary Riches

Gary Riches

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Gary Riches is a longstanding member of the iOS developer community. He has a keen interest not only in established sections of the industry such as gaming but also in emerging technologies such as Ouya, GameStick, and others.

Filled with a passion to program on new systems, he has just become a registered Wii U developer and will also create content for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To target so many platforms he uses Unity, which he learned while working on the Augmented Reality SBook for Saddington Baynes.

When not building software for other companies, he builds his own business by creating photo manipulation apps such as Zombify Me, games such as Aztec Antics and Amazed, and also works on educational apps and games such as Nursery Rhymes: Volume 1, 2, and 3.

Books from Gary Riches

Ouya Unity Game Development Book Cover
Ouya Unity Game Development
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