Francisco Tufró

Francisco Tufró

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Francisco Tufró has been captivated by computers and the possibility of using them to create new worlds since he was six years old. At age 14, he sort of hacked into a chat demo in Visual Basic and transformed it into a full-feature RPG chat, with support for maps, character sheets, and dice rolls. The years went by and he learned many things along the way, as any curious person does. Suddenly he found himself collaborating in various open-source projects, including Musix (a Linux distribution for musicians) and CLAM (working on the project for Google's Summer of Code 2008). He co-founded and worked as a Ruby on Rails developer for about 5 years while never forgetting about what drove him to computers in the first place, games.

He put together a team and created The Insulines, an old-school graphic adventure about rock 'n' roll and diabetes. It was thanks to this game that he first came into contact with Moai SDK. It took about 8 months of development. He fell so deeply in love with Moai SDK that now he's working full-time on it with Zipline Games.

He likes to call himself a developer, noting the difference from a programmer who is a person that has broad knowledge (not only in programming, but also in art, music, and other disciplines), perhaps not as deep as a specialized person does, but enough to tackle and solve problems in their entirety.

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Developing Mobile Games with Moai SDK
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