Filip Cherecheş-Toşa

Filip Cherecheş-Toşa

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Filip Chereches-Tosa is a web developer and entrepreneur, with a strong belief in the future of web-based software and open source. He started his career at the age of 9, programming BASIC on a Commodore 64.

Filip blogs in Romanian on and is an active member of the largest IT communities in Romania. He's always involved in side-projects, one of the latest being jobberBase (, open source job board software that he extracted from (a successful Romanian IT job board).

Books from Filip Cherecheş-Toşa

AJAX e PHP:Sviluppare applicazioni web dinamiche [Italiano]
$ 15.40
AJAX y PHP: Construyendo Aplicaciones Web Interactivas [Espanol]
$ 19.60