Fernando Monteiro

Fernando Monteiro

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Fernando Monteiro is a frontend engineer, speaker, open source contributor, and the mind behind the Responsive Boilerplate, a CSS library built with Less.js for responsive layouts.

He contributes several articles and materials on design, development, and user experience on his blog and for the entire web community.

He is passionate about web standards, frontend development, and mobile design, and he spent the last 12 years creating high-end graphic and web experiences.

He began his career as a graphic designer in 2002 and quickly became an expert in QuarkXPress, producing and editing more than 500 ads, CDs, and DVDs for different companies around the world.

He has also published a book on HTML5 and responsive design for mobile devices: Instant HTML5 Responsive Table Design How-to.

Currently, he works as frontend manager in one of the largest private companies in web software development for government institutions. You can find more about him on www.newaeonweb.com.br.

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