Félix López

Félix López

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Félix López started his career in web development before moving to software in the currency exchange market, where there were a lot of new security challenges. Later, he spent four years creating an IDE to develop games for hundreds of different mobile device OS variations, in addition to creating more than 50 games. Before joining ShuttleCloud, he spent two years working on applications with sensor networks, Arduino, ZigBee, and custom hardware. One example is an application that detects the need for streetlight utilities in major cities based on existing atmospheric brightness. His first experience with Python was seven years ago, He used it for small scripts, web scrapping, and so on. Since then, he has used Python for almost all his projects: websites, standalone applications, and so on. Nowadays, he uses Python along with RabbitMQ in order to integrate services.

He's currently working for ShuttleCloud, an U.S.-based startup, whose technology is used by institutions such as Stanford and Harvard, and companies such as Google.

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