Enrique Fernández

Enrique Fernández

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Enrique Fernández is a computer engineer and roboticist. He did his Master's Thesis in 2009 at the University Institute of Intelligent Systems and Computational Engineering in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There he has been working on his Ph.D for the last four years; he is expected to become a Doctor in Computer Science by September 2013. His Ph.D addresses the problem of Path Planning for Autonomous Underwater Gliders, but he has also worked on other robotic projects. He participated in the Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge-Europe (SAUC-E) in 2012, and collaborated for the 2013 edition. In 2012, he was awarded a prize for the development of an underwater pan-tilt vision system.

Now, Enrique is working for Pal-Robotics as a SLAM engineer. He completed his internship in 2012 at the Center of Underwater Robotics Research in the University of Girona, where he developed SLAM and INS modules for the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles of the research group using ROS. He joined Pal-Robotics in June 2013, where he is working with REEM robots using the ROS software intensively and developing new navigation algorithms for wheeled and biped humanoid robots, such as the REEM-H3 and REEM-C.

During his Ph.D, Enrique has published several conference papers and publications. Two of these were sent to the International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in 2011. He is the co-author of some chapters of this book, and his Master's Thesis was about the FastSLAM algorithm for indoor robots using a SICK laser scanner and the odometry of a Pioneer differential platform. He also has experience with electronics and embedded systems, such as PC104 and Arduino. His background covers SLAM, Computer Vision, Path Planning, Optimization, and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in general.

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